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Skin feeling the winter woes?

01 Jul 2024

Unplug the beauty fridge – baby it's cold outside!

Whilst there's nothing better than feeling cozy in winter weather, it's no secret our skin doesn't do too well in the elements. The harsh winds, frosty outdoor air and lack of humidity have our skin barrier on high alert, as it tries to keep hydration in and irritants out.

So how do we stay hydrated and strengthen our skin in this environmental nightmare?
Straight from our INNI-experts to you, here are our top 5 winter weather tips:

Tip #1: Cleanse carefully
Cleansing is such a significant step in our skincare routines that sometimes we overdo it – stripping our skin of its natural protective oils. Whilst we should be mindful of our skin barrier all year round, it's even more essential that we cleanse with care in colder climates.

Think gentle gel or creamy formulas that help cushion the skin, and avoid scrubbing and scratching; instead using gentle circular motions and lathering lightly with lukewarm water. Scolding hot water isn't our skin's friend, so dial that tap back and get acquainted with more tepid temperatures!

Our favourite cleansers for winter weather:
Olive Vitamin E Real Cleansing Foam, Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5. CleanserCherry Blossom Jam Cleanser & Green Tea Amino Acid Cleansing Foam

Tip #2: Tackle dryness with a hydrating toner
We're not saying ditch the exfoliating toners altogether, but it's well worth adding in a hydrating formula for the winter. Whilst exfoliating toners work to smooth rough skin and clear congestion, hydrating toners work to soften and soothe  the ultimate defence against dryness and inflammation.

Prep your skin with a hydrating toner (AKA a 'Skin' formula) immediately after cleansing, pressing into the skin with your hands as opposed to swiping with a cotton pad. For a more intensive hydration effect and to achieve silky soft skin, layer 2-3 times!

Our top picks for winter toners:
Olive Vitamin E Real SkinBlack Tea Youth Enhancing Skin, Perfect 9 Intensive SkinOrchid Skin & Blueberry Rebalancing Skin

Tip #3: Make time for masks
Want to amplify your skin’s moisturisation and glow? Squeeze a sheet mask into your weekly routine and thank us later. Think of masking as a huge gulp of hydration for your skin, with the additional benefits of soothing, smoothing and softening in one.

We recommend to cleanse, tone and follow with a sheet mask of your choosing on freshly-prepped skin, allowing the mask to sit for 10-15 minutes. Pat in any remaining essence and follow with a cream of your choosing – it’s that easy!

Must-have masks for winter:
Ceramide Active Mask, Oatmeal Energy Mask, Acai Energy Mask, Yuzu Energy Mask & Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule Mask

Tip #4: Lock it all in
Lightweight gel-creams might work wonders in warm weather, but as we brave the cold it’s time to up the ante with more nourishing formulas. Lipid ingredients like ceramide and squalane are our best friends when it comes to locking in much-needed moisture.

Lotion formulas make for a fantastic AM option, as they're effectively a watered down version of a cream. Opting for lotion alone in your evening routine however, can leave you prone to moisture evaporation overnight. Cream formulas are much more capable of creating a protective barrier to prevent this. If you're still feeling dry even after applying your thickest, most dense of creams, apply a layer of lotion prior to boost inner and outer skin hydration and moisturisation. In winter weather especially, lotion + cream = the dream team!

Bestselling creams for cold weather:
Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Cream, Collagen Green Tea Ceramide Bounce Cream, Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream, Orchid Enriched Cream, Bija Cica Balm & Perfect 9 Intensive Cream

Tip #5: Look after your lips
Unlike the skin on our cheeks and chin, our lips don’t have pores and can’t produce their own natural protective oils. This is why your lips are typically the most easily affected in winter, as they struggle to shield against environmental impacts on their own.

That’s where balms and treatments come in: coating our lips in much-needed butter and oil ingredients that help soften, nourish and smooth. Having a quality lip balm on hand is an obvious essential for the colder months; our favourites featuring ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid and rich canola honey. Need we say more?

Lip care to combat the cold:
Dewy Treatment Lip Balm or Dewy Tint Lip Balm (for a pop of colour!) & Canola Honey Intensive Moisture Lip Balm

Protecting our skin in the winter doesn't have to be about expanding our beauty regimes; adding in unnecessary or unrealistic steps and breaking the bank. It’s about adjusting and amplifying our existing routine; swapping out lighter textures for those more nourishing and barrier-boosting. 

Our top tip? Skincare smarter, not harder this winter!

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