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Blueberries for skin: the next big thing

01 Jul 2024
You heard it here first: blueberries belong in your skincare routine, not just your acai bowl.
Why? They're brimming with antioxidants that help shield our skin from environmental aggressors; aggressors that lead to inflammation, loss of hydration and signs of early aging.

Infused with plant-powered antioxidant properties, INNISFREE's Blueberry Rebalancing range promotes calm and hydrated skin.
Formulated with gentle ingredients, each product helps refresh and regulate oil-moisture, whilst strengthening the skin's natural moisture barrier.
Let's take a look at the product lineup:

Blueberry Rebalancing Skin
A watery toner that instantly hydrates, refreshes and protects the skin barrier
Use me: After cleansing to soothe and balance the skin's acidity

Blueberry Rebalancing Lotion
A milky lotion infused with centella and heartleaf extracts that cool and calm
Use me: As a lightweight moisturiser throughout the day or an extra layer at night

Blueberry Rebalancing Cleansing Water
A gentle cleansing water that removes makeup and impurities whilst caring for the skin’s natural moisture barrier and acidity
Use me: To remove makeup, SPF and impurities in the evening, or to refresh the skin in the morning

Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser
A mild-acidity cleanser that lathers into a light and airy foam, leaving skin feeling soft and fresh
Use me: As a gentle cleanse in the AM, or as a second cleanse in the PM

If you're prone to part-oiliness, part-dryness and can't get your skin back on track, then Blueberry Rebalancing is for you.
If your skin struggles with seasonal elements or hormonal changes and you're in need of a barrier boost – our new Blueberry range is just that!
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