In-Store Recycling


 Sustainability is at the core of INNISFREE and plays a major role in both product packaging and ingredients. Our partnership with Close the Loop sees empty and almost empty beauty products recycled or remanufactured into other products. That’s right! The Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum that you loved right up until the last drop can be remanufactured into a sand replacement used in building materials for the construction industry. Now that’s beauty that gives back!

We invite you to join our mission to lessen our collective impact by recycling your empty INNISFREE products in any of our INNISFREE Australia stores. Not sure where your closest store is? Find out hereThe best part? We reward you for every product you recycle! Earn 50 points towards your in-store membership with every empty (or almost empty!) product you bring in – limited to five empties a month. That’s a win for the planet and for your beauty cabinet!


What can I recycle?
To earn points, recycle any empty full-sized product with us in store; whether it’s a shampoo bottle, a cream jar or a mascara tube!
Whilst sample-sized empties won’t earn you points, we will gladly accept and recycle them.

I’ve tried my best, but I’m not sure my product is completely empty. Can I still recycle it?
We hope you’ll love every last drop of a product, but rest assured if your tube, jar or bottle isn’t quite empty, we will happily still accept it in our recycling program.

What can I do with the points I earn from recycling?
Points accumulated from in-store recycling can add up to INNISFREE dollars to take off of your next purchase; or save them up to equal a greater discount and cash them as you please.
Don’t have an account with us and wish to recycle? Create one on the day and receive points instantly!

How many empties can I recycle?
Feel free to recycle up to 5 x full-sized empties with us per month to redeem up to 250 points, holding onto any extras you may have for the following month.
Just have the one empty? No problem – bring it in!

Can I recycle empties without an in-store membership?
Absolutely! Whilst we’d love to reward your recycling efforts with points to cash on your next purchase, we definitely still accept empties from non-members.

Do I need to wash my empty before recycling?
Provided your product is empty or near empty, there’s no real need to clean it out before recycling it with us – we’ll do the hard work for you!

What if my empty is imperfect?
Missing the cap of your hand cream or the lid of your moisturiser? Cut your cleanser tube in half to use up all of that excess product? No worries!
Empties don’t need to be perfect in order to make a difference!

Do I need to bring back the original packaging/box?
No need! Luckily, all of our packaging boxes here at INNISFREE are recyclable in any household or kerbside recycling bin.

Where can I recycle my empties?
You can recycle your INNISFREE empties at any of our INNISFREE Australia stores across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. To see our store locations, click here.
As of the moment, unfortunately empties are unable to be recycled back to our online store, and we apologise for any inconvenience.


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