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Skin barrier struggles? This one's for you!

29 Feb 2024
Picture this: a one-of-a-kind retinol-infused cream that cools, calms, strengthens and smooths. An ultra-gentle formula featuring high-purity retinol for maximum cell regeneration benefits; whilst caring for the skin's protective barrier at the same time. A watery gel texture that effortlessly melts into the skin and cools upon contact, leaving it feeling refreshed and restored.

We've just described our brand new Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream: a mild but mighty barrier-boosting moisturiser that's been specially designed for sensitive skin.

Infused with high-purity retinol to encourage skin regeneration and healthy cell turnover, this innovative gel-cream is your new go-to for combatting sensitive skin and congestion.
If you struggle with inflammation in between seasons, experience redness or battle with breakouts and blemishes, you'll want to add the Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream to your cart.

We've taken the liberty of breaking down the key ingredients behind this calming formula so you don't have to:

Defense Cica™
A proprietary and anti-inflammatory ingredient complex of cica (AKA Centella Asiatica) and phytosterols to intensively soothe and protect the skin
Cica to soothe: A medicinal herb that helps calm and heal, cica is a must-have for sensitive or easily irritated skin
Phytosterols to heal: Phytosterols are naturally-occurring plant compounds that help hold moisture and support skin repair and recovery

A hydrating plant extract and somewhat of an unsung hero in smoothing and soothing formulas

A humectant ingredient that enhances hydration and offers soothing and skin-protecting benefits

An antioxidant ingredient and form of vitamin B3 that works to brighten, assists with moisture retention and diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores

Not only is this sensitive skin-friendly formula hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, but it's also non-comedogenic - meaning it's perfectly safe and suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

Already using our bestselling Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule? Perfect your routine and pair it with the Retinol Cream to boost your skin barrier and seal in a softer, calmer and clearer complexion.

Now for the fun part: the routine finder. What's your vibe?

The self-care Sunday routine
Step 1: Refresh and prep your skin after cleansing with our Green Tea Hyaluronic Skin
Step 2: Apply your favourite calming treatment like our Energy Centella or Active Madecassoside Mask and leave on for 10 minutes
Step 3: After massaging any remaining mask essence into the skin, follow with another layer of our Green Tea Hyaluronic Skin for extra indulgence
Step 4: Apply a thin layer of our Green Tea Hyaluronic Lotion and gently massage into the skin in upwards motions
Step 5: Finish your routine with the Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream, step into a Special Care Foot Mask and catch up on your favourite series!

The less-is-more routine
Step 1: Replenish the skin after cleansing with our Black Tea Treatment Essence and wait until fully absorbed
Step 2: Apply a small coin-sized amount of Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream and call it quits!

The dry-and-sensitive routine
Step 1: Spritz your skin with our Green Tea Hyaluronic Mist immediately after cleansing to refresh and cool
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of our Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream, avoiding the eye and lip area
Step 3: For skin that's feeling dry and flaky, follow with our Bija Cica Balm to intensively nourish and calm

The anti-acne routine
Step 1: After cleansing, use a gentle exfoliating toner to pick up any residual oil or impurities, like our Bija Trouble Toner
Step 2: Once your toner has absorbed, apply 2-3 pumps of our Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule, avoiding the eye and lip area and patting in as needed
Step 3:
Double up on skin-soothing benefits and seal in your routine with Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream

As with any routine, always remember to apply your SPF in the AM - being conscious to reapply throughout the day to stay protected.
When using vitamin C, opt to apply in the AM and use retinol-infused formulas separately at night - this ensures formula functionality and minimises the likelihood of overdoing your actives.

For an all-in-one soothing, clearing and smoothing solution, add our NEW Retinol Cica Defense Barrier Cream to your skincare line-up.
With a formula gentle enough for consistent and consecutive use, it’s never been easier to incorporate retinol into your routine!
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