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Introducing our NEW Collagen Bounce Cream

29 Jan 2024

Ever wondered, why the craze about collagen? Then you'll want to keep reading as we unpack this popular elasticity-enhancing ingredient!

Firstly, it's important to note that collagen is an essential structural protein within our skin, responsible for keeping it feeling firm and supple.
As we age, and particularly in our mid-to-late 20s, our skin’s natural collagen production slows, and this results in the decline of elasticity.
Not only does our age begin to affect our collagen levels; so too can exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun – yet another reason why SPF is an everyday essential!
Effectively, we need collagen in our skin to protect us from the onset of sagginess; something we're fairly confident none of us are too keen to experience in our 20s.

So it would seem that collagen-infused beauty products warrant a space on your skincare shelf (especially in your 20s and 30s!) – but what if we told you not all of them are created equal?
Collagen-based beauty products are hugely popular, though there is some controversy surrounding whether they can be properly absorbed into the skin.
Why? It's all to do with the molecular size of the collagen ingredient.
Collagen can only perform its skin-firming function if it's absorbed deep enough into the skin, and only encapsulated collagen ingredients can actually guarantee this.
Encapsulation is the process in which an ingredient is enclosed in a liposome; a small carrier or container, if you will, that encloses the ingredient/s on a more micro-scale, in order to absorb deeper into the lower layers of the skin.
In short: the smaller the ingredient size, the further into your skin it can absorb and take effect – so we want teeny tiny collagen in order to reap the rewards!

Using a micro-molecule encapsulated collagen extracted from a type of seaweed known as sea staghorn, INNISFREE's Collagen Cream understood the assignment.
Through micro-fluidization – AKA the converting of molecules into liposomes – collagen-like nutrients derived from sea staghorn are converted into particles 500 times smaller than a single strand of human hair (yes, you read that right).
The result? A low-molecular collagen-mimicking ingredient that helps visibly promote stronger skin elasticity with every use!

If the elasticity-improving benefits of this cream weren't enough, we've made sure it strengthens your skin barrier too, using our very own Beauty Green Tea™.
Without the use of harsh chemical solvents, a high-purity ceramide ingredient is extracted from Green Tea seeds, mimicking the natural fats or lipids in our skin.
Protecting us from moisture loss and sensitivity, our Green Tea-derived ceramide promotes truly healthy, hydrated skin, without feeling heavy whatsoever.

Now for the mic-drop moment: the new Collagen Cream formula is not only dermatologist-tested and free of fragrance, but it's non-comedogenic too.
This means it's suitable to use even if you have acne-prone or oily skin, without causing congestion or discomfort.

And if being more sustainable with your skincare is on your 2024 resolution list, we've got good news! Our Collagen Cream glass jars are not only recyclable, but they're refillable too!

So there you have it – the benefits of collagen are certainly worth the hype, provided the ingredient is being properly absorbed.
Add INNISFREE's new Collagen Green Tea Ceramide Bounce Cream to your AM or PM routine (or both!) for your most supple skin yet and thank us later!
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