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Pimple patches and why we're team microneedle!

31 May 2024
Breakouts, blemishes, pimples, spots  we all get them and we'll try just about anything to get rid of them (we're looking at you, Colgate).

Whether you're just starting out or you're a pimple patch stan, it's important to acknowledge that not all patches offer the same efficacy. Most treatments on the market are what's known as hydrocolloid patches – patches that work to create a protective film over a pimple, draw out fluid and speed up skin healing.

Whilst clear hydrocolloid patches are convenient to wear during the day, they’re not the best treatment for deep or cystic breakouts as they’re unable to properly penetrate the skin.
Instead, hydrocolloid patches work best on pustules, visible whiteheads or even small cuts; as opposed to nodules or cystic pimples, which tend to be more associated with hormonal acne.


What do they do?

Promote a healing environment, protect from irritants and help draw our excess fluid

What are they for?
Best for open pimples or pustules (AKA breakouts that form whiteheads at the surface, tempting us to squeeze)

Unlike hydrocolloid patches, microneedle pimple patches allow enhanced ingredient absorption deep within the skin.
Whilst hydrocolloid patches help to draw out, microneedle patches effectively work to do the opposite – to push ingredients into the skin and actively treat breakouts at the root.

Microneedle patches get their name as they contain dissolvable microstructures (typically made from plant fibers) that gently and effectively absorb into the skin, beyond just the surface.
The technology behind microneedle patches is more advanced than that of their hydrocolloid counterpart, and this is why they're so effective at targeting deep, stubborn skin blemishes.


What do they do?
Encourage deep ingredient absorption within the skin, protect from irritants and smooth and retexturize

What are they for?
Ideal for deep or cystic breakouts (those pesky pimples that never come to a head!)

INNISFREE pimple patches are the microneedle kind; meaning they work best to tackle stubborn, cystic and below-the-skin breakouts.
These cute and clover-like Retinol Cica Focusing Patches work to properly penetrate the skin and deliver functional ingredients to the area of concern; all while being ultra-gentle, and all in one night's sleep.

Each overnight patch is infused with these 6 skin-saving ingredients:

Retinol: Helps speed up cell regeneration to encourage newer cells to the surface
Centella (cica): Provides targeted anti-inflammatory and soothing care, helping to minimize redness, damage and scarring
Salicylic acid (BHA): Gently exfoliates and helps flush out deep breakouts at the root, whilst smoothing and flattening the surface
Soybean-derived hyaluronic acid: Rehydrates, softens and cushions the skin to prevent the area from drying out
Allantoin: Hydrates the area and provides added soothing benefits
Adenosine: Helps encourage skin elasticity and resilience around targeted area

How and when to use our Retinol Cica Focusing Patches:
Apply onto area of concern in the evening after cleansing and/or completing your PM routine
Leave on for 8-12 hours overnight as you sleep, gently peeling off at an outer-edge in the morning

Here's 3 INNI-expert application tips to get the best out of each and every patch:
Tip 1: Apply the patch onto the targeted area ensuring skin is dry, and lightly press in place with your finger for at least 10 seconds to encourage adhesion
Tip 2: To ensure your patches adhere to the skin, wait 30+ minutes after applying skincare or gently blot the area with a tissue to remove any excess before applying
Tip 3: Rinse the area with water in the morning before following with your usual routine, and don't forget SPF!
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