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The goodness of Green Tea... in glass!

18 Nov 2022
We love a (glass) glow up.
It's the same Green Tea you know and love, only reimagined in recyclable glass packaging!
Designed with sustainability at the forefront, our new Green Tea Seed core range is now packaged using recycled glass bottles and jars.
Featuring box packaging made from green tea by-product and recycled pulp, this fresh new look is both good for the planet and for your bathroom cabinet's aesthetic.
With a minor formula upgrade for enhanced hydration,
our new Green Tea Seed products now cater even more so for dry or dehydrated skin.
So what's been repackaged? Glad you asked!

Our Green Tea Seed Serum

Our best-selling moisture barrier-strengthening serum

Green Tea Seed Skin

A lightweight splash-on toner to rehydrate and refresh

Green Tea Seed Essence-in-Lotion  

A two-in-one emulsion offering lightweight hydration before cream 

Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

A nourishing and buttery cream to care for the delicate eye area

Green Tea Seed Cream

An intensively hydrating cream packed with
much-needed moisture for dry, lacklustre skin

And for the routine? We've got you covered there, too:  

1. Prep your skin with our moisture barrier-strengthening Green Tea Seed
Serum, immediately after cleansing
2. Gently press a generous amount of Green Tea Seed Skin into your cheeks,
forehead and chin, helping to balance and hydrate
3. For dry, tight-feeling skin that needs some extra TLC, apply a layer of
Essence-in-Lotion before cream
4. Using your ring finger, gently pat a pea-sized amount of our Green Tea Seed
Eye Cream into the skin around the eye area
5. Lastly, lock in all that green tea goodness with our Seed Cream, now boasting
of quadruple lipid ingredients for truly quenched skin
Dry skin this summer? We don't know her...
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