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Seasonal Skincare

22 Nov 2022


Cue the aloe and plug in the beauty fridge!
As the weather warms, our skincare shelf may need shuffling. The spring and summer seasons call for lighter textures and for some of us, less steps!
Here are our top 3 suggestions for fresh and hydrated skin during the hotter months to come:

Dry or sensitive skin

1. Replenish and rehydrate after cleansing

Our post-cleanse cure? Our best-selling Green Tea Seed Serum, of course!
Dispense a few generous pumps and massage into the skin for some much-needed moisture barrier strengthening.
Follow with a heaped splash of our Green Tea Seed Skin toner, gently patting for absorption before applying a cream. 

 2. Add aloe to your routine

Not only does aloe extract help to cool and soothe, but it can also help strengthen our skin barrier.  
Adding our Aloe Revital Soothing Gel to your regime this summer might just be your new skin saviour!

3. Carry a mist with you

Spritz on our mini Green Tea Mist for the ultimate on-the-go pick-me-up!

Combination-oily skin

1. Dabble in double-cleansing

Cleansing twice helps to remove all traces of makeup, oil buildup and any unwanted residue, rather than just what we can see.
It's best to start with an oil, gel or balm cleanser to break down makeup and SPF, and we recommend our Green Tea Cleansing Oil to get the job done!
Finish with a creamy foam to help absorb any remaining oil, leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed!
Check out our Bija Facial Foam and Green Tea Foam Cleanser options, ideal for oilier skin.


2. Swipe on a clarifying toner

If you're prone to unwanted oils during the warmer weather, then our refreshing swipe-on toners are for you.
Enter: our Volcanic Pore Toner 2X, Bija Trouble Skin and Green Barley Peeling Toner.
After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with your preferred toner and lightly swipe over the skin, avoiding the eye and lip area.
Follow with your usual routine and forget the greasy forehead residue!


3. Opt for lightweight textures

For our oily-prone pals, if you haven't heard it yet, our Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream is the ultimate summer staple!

If Cherry Blossom's not for you, try our water-type Green Tea Balancing Cream, specially formulated to hydrate and manage the skin's oil-moisture. 

Whether you're just starting out or you're a self-proclaimed skincare stan, consider customising your routine according to the season!

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